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“Passing the Peace” Prayer
by Pastor Paul Sartarelli
February 12, 2017

Our Father in Heaven. Oh, how you love the Ninevite, even as your holiness is offended by his sin and idolatry.  We confess the Jonah in all of us. Too often we run from where you call us to go. We’d rather not be out in the world among the unbelievers representing you…We really like the comfort of our fellowship and the safety of our Christian community and friends. People around us are perishing and we often care more for ourselves and comfort than we do for those you love and for whom Christ died.


Lord make us care enough to pray. To pray for the lost and the unbelieving. To pray for our own hearts and willingness. Father, please break our hearts for our neighbors and co-workers. For all of those near us who desperately need Christ and don’t even know it.


Father, we pray that you would make the people of Mentor and Lake County keenly aware of their sin and of the idols they have embraced instead of you. And aware of your holiness and compassion. Please, through your Holy Spirit convict our city of sin, righteousness and judgment. Open their eyes to your holiness and love. Open their ears to the Gospel and to your call for repentance and faith. Open their minds to the truth that you are not willing that any should perish but that all may come to know you through their repentance of sin and faith in your Son Christ.


We ask Father that you give Trinity a second chance. That we might become a vibrant vessel of your love and grace; a beacon of light in our dark world. Give us the will to do whatever you call us to do here in Lake County. Show us how we may invest in others and readily invite them to the things of Christ, and show them the love of our compassionate God. Please Lord, give us the courage to be the kind of people and the kind of church that you could use to bring renewal and revival to Mentor, even as you did in Ninevah.


Through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.