Pondering for March 8 2018

Greetings, Trinity Nation! How’s your week going?

Mine? Glad you asked! These days I am crazy busy! Running here, speaking there, going over there… This morning, I had two breakfast meetings. I know, that makes me a Hobbit.

It’s just a brief season though…
Sue is crazy busy, too! She’s planning things for the women’s retreat next month, along with all her other stuff!
So, at least we’re both occupied at the same time. 🙂

I recently read this Japanese proverb when I was traveling somewhere:
  Stillness is what creates love,
  Movement is what creates life,
  To be still,
  Yet still moving—
  That is everything!
 Pretty good.

Okay, allow me to quickly think out loud about this weekend.

I am so looking forward to fellowshipping with the guys at our Men’s Breakfast again this Saturday morning at 8:00am. Hanging with men of all ages…the atmosphere has an air of anticipation that some significant things are going to happen among the guys here. I will also be doing a little teaching…sort of a bit of overflow from some personal time I’ve spent reflecting on the seasons of my life. See you Saturday, guys!

Now, I am not given to overstatement (I don’t think). But this Sunday morning kicks off three of the most important weeks in Trinity’s life. We will envision what God has for our future as we choose to go on a new spiritual journey together. We will be capturing a great momentum that will create new life and love beyond our present moment. See you Sunday morning, everyone.

I also have the privilege of being with our teens Sunday evening at The Mill. As I get to share, I will talk about the fact and implications of knowing that the Christian life is meant to be exciting and not a bore! See you Sunday night, teens!
Oh, and don’t forget: This Saturday night, we “spring ahead.” So get to bed early as you set your clocks ahead by an hour (I guess our smart phones and computers do that automatically).

See you around the corner—and this weekend.
Pastor Paul