Ponderings for April 12 2018

Hello Trinity Family. Are you keeping warm these days? Hang on—spring has to come sooner or later. Or else summer…
Recently I was having lunch with James Semmelroth, Chairman of our Trustee Board. Our conversation was filled with joy as we reflected on how the Trinity family has responded to the capital funds campaign in both spirit and finances. We have noticed a “buzz of excitement and anticipation” from young and old. As we spoke, James said that the theme of the Sunday evening family and friends meeting should be in the name of Jehovah Jireh, which means “the Lord who provides.” We discussed how we have been blessed by the faithfulness of those who came before us and how we will be part of the blessing going forward (for those still to come).
The Lord provided to the tune of 103 pledges amounting to $718,268!
Now, before I gush too much about this generous and hefty amount, let me have a dialogue with myself. You can listen in:
So, why are you excited about the $718,268 when the goal was $800,000? Seems like a low number to me.
Because of Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides! We have a firm base to launch this building project. Having been involved in other campaigns before now, I know the momentum is just getting started! The $718,268 is great to see as the beginning, not the end. As Christ’s church, we are on the move to serve him and those in Lake County.
Does the low number mean we won’t get to do some things?
Not necessarily. With foresight, the leadership team has prioritized the project and therefore knows what we will do first and in what order we may delay certain improvements if we have to. The Gathering Space will happen! And so will the parking lot!
So…it does mean some things won’t get done then?
By God’s provision and our people’s ongoing generosity, we may pull off the entire project. Let’s stay positive!
But you just said we didn’t raise the estimated need of $800,000 in pledges. How could we pay for the whole thing?
Well, we have funds already set aside that help make up this gap, along with the prospective sale of the land, new members joining the capital campaign, and some ongoing designated giving to the building fund.
What happens if there is a budget overrun?
If it is more than 10% of our annual budget, we will need to get membership approval. All aspects of this project will be kept in front of the congregation for transparency purposes. We are all in this together.
Remind me again, what is this money being spent on?
It will be spent on the new “gathering space” and entry to the worship center. We will also update the worship center’s carpet, sound system, lighting, and acoustics. Our existing foyer will be renovated to match the new gathering space. Also, the parking lot will be redone, along with the replacement of outdated and under-performing furnaces. The fellowship hall will be renovated into a more youth-friendly space. (More details are available in the campaign booklet.)
How are we getting the money to pay for these projects since the pledges will take three years to fully come in?
Our leaders are working hard talking to lending institutions. We are submitting financing requests to four loaning institutions—three local and one which is affiliated with the SBC. The loan amount requested will be less than the project budget. Once we have terms from these entities, we will choose which one is best for us to use.
And when will this loan be paid off? You know I dislike debt, Paul.
I do too, Paul! It will be paid off as the pledges are fulfilled (or sooner with our existing funds).
So, what are we doing again on Sunday night?
We are celebrating God’s generous provisions to Trinity. And we are thanking everyone, member and attender alike, for their faithful pledges. And, in accordance with our constitutional requirements, we are asking the Trinity members to ratify the $800,000 proposed budget for completion of Phase 1 of our capital funds campaign project.
Okay, I’ll be there.
I should certainly hope so.
See you Sunday at 5:00pm!
Pastor Paul and Pastor Paul