Ponderings for June 12 2018

Happy Tuesday, Trinity Nation! The church is as it should be on this Tuesday, scattered all over Lake County and beyond, existing wherever Christ-followers find themselves…at home, at work, or in the neighborhood. And sometimes further away—like in Oaxaca, Mexico, where Alex and Laurel Wilson, two of our staff members, are leading a team of teens as they lovingly serve the children of Foundation for His Ministry. If you haven’t seen any of the photos yet, you ought to get on to Trinity’s Instagram or Facebook profiles and see the love of Christ in action.
Here’s how:
 To visit Trinity Church on Facebook, go to https://www.facebook.com/trinitymentor/, or to follow Trinity on Instagram, go to https://www.instagram.com/trinitymentor/ (it’s best if you download the Instagram app on your phone so you can easily see our posts and even share photos of your own with us!).
Sometimes the church is scattered even further out. Sue and I just arrived in Milan, Italy, where we will be ministering among the people of several churches here. As we were landing this morning, I couldn’t help but notice that in every little village, the church sits right in the middle, with all of the residences and shops around it. What a cool, deliberate design of way back when. In our ministry and in a spiritual sense, that’s Trinity’s place, too. We are right in the middle of everything as individuals and in our ministry activities. That’s why we’re doing the 5K race (and 1-mile fun run!) in September and the “Touch a Truck, Fill a Bus” event in a few weeks—and why we invite friends to our men’s golf outing in July. Trinity, the body of Christ, exists right in the middle of our community.
Have you started reading Isaiah yet? The reading plan will keep you on track all summer and keep us all together as well. Isn’t it interesting how the book begins with the People of God (Judah) and all creation on trial?! Yikes! “They have abandoned the Lord…turned their backs on him” (Isaiah 1:4). The Lord takes it seriously when he is ignored and openly contradicted. Yet he always has a prescription of hope and correction: “Wash yourselves. Cleanse yourselves. Remove your evil deeds from my sight. Stop doing evil. Learn to do what is good” (1:16). Sounds like necessary advice for everyone from our kids to our world leaders and all of us in between.
Keep reading. This Sunday, as we celebrate Father’s Day, we will also be examining Isaiah 6, where our holy God (“Holy, holy, holy”) calls on Isaiah to proclaim his message to a people who are rather hard of hearing. Tough task, indeed. Sunday will be a pertinent challenge to all of us.
Okay, that’s all for now. Just as Christ is the ultimate hero of Isaiah’s prophetic book, so also the Lord Jesus is our hero and the center of our lives—even as we seek to be the body of Christ in the center of our community.
See you around the corner.
Pastor Paul