Ponderings for March 15 2018

The difficulty and awkwardness of sharing one’s faith in Christ to coworkers and neighbors was one of the topics at our men’s breakfast study this morning. We all sense that, don’t we? Whether it’s taken as cramping someone’s style or invading a person’s space or crossing a private line—to talk about Christ and eternal things and purpose in life is now only getting harder and harder in our culture. 

That’s why it’s important to do the small things and the kind things. To tell someone you are praying for them as they experience difficulties will not offend. To exhibit kindness and grace when everyone else is shoving and caring only for self will speak loudly. And to have a church that you can invite others to that will be warm and the pastor won’t say dumb things and the presentation will not embarrass you is crucial. From Trinity leadership and staff: We work hard at and promise to deliver on the excellence I just mentioned. 

This Sunday we will discuss the kind of hearts the Lord desires us to have as we study Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9 together. 

“For Those Still to Come” continues through Palm Sunday as we envision our part in the future of our fellowship. Many are already responding and inquiring about some specifics of the capital campaign. We will be collecting pledge cards on March 25, but you may turn or mail them in early if you like (as some already have). You can also pledge online by going to trinitymentor.com/pledge.

It is exciting to see the Lord stirring—even stretching—hearts as we pray and decide how to participate in this important gateway to Trinity’s future. This is important, too, as we discuss and consider how to best share Christ with those in our lives. 

That’s all for now. Sunday’s coming and we will be glad and rejoice in him! 

See you around the bend. 
Pastor Paul