Ponderings for March 20 2018

With the sun shining—and yet still a chill in the air—I write down these Ponderings today.

I am truly looking forward to the next two Sundays! April 1 will be Easter Sunday. A great day where we will celebrate and affirm the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A day where we will also celebrate the public commitment of several believers as they commit to the waters of baptism! April Fool’s Day! What a great day for Easter! Count me in as a fool for Christ—wholeheartedly believing that he rose again on the third day. And unwaveringly following wherever he leads!

This coming Sunday will be very special, too! Palm Sunday: the day our Lord rode triumphantly into Jerusalem. On Sunday, five sets of parents will be dedicating themselves and their young children to the Lord. They will be promising to raise their little ones in the Christian way while asking the church body to support and pray for them. We will indeed!

Also, this Sunday we will be culminating our series on “For Those Still to Come.” Our three-week capital campaign will come to a close as we give our pledges—measurable expressions of what God has done in our hearts—to invest in the future of Trinity. Truly, it will be a defining moment of the campaign. But not the only defining moment. 

As we break ground on the new and beautiful Gathering Space out front—that will be a defining moment.

When we actually get in and enjoy our new and renovated spaces and see many new faces—that will be a defining moment. 

When our cars can drive smoothly over the newly paved parking lot—that will be a defining moment.

In three years (or less) when we pay off the bank note with our pledges—that will be a defining moment.

And there will be a very, very important defining moment this week—before Sunday. It will take place in our homes and in our hearts. 

It will probably go like it did for me and Sue: in our kitchen, where we prayerfully decided to use some of our savings and retirement monies to pledge to the campaign. 

Your defining moment this week may sound something like this: “Hey love, Pastor Paul and the Elders have been talking about the new Gathering Space and some needed renovations. They have been asking us for several weeks to pray about our level of financial support for it. What has God been saying to you?”

And your defining moment this week may look something like this: your family wrestling together with God about your level of commitment. And the moment may include budget sheets and calculators and open Bibles and open hearts and lots of prayer. And what makes this moment so defining is that it is all about transformations, not transactions. It is about commitment levels, not comfort levels.

As we have said all along, this campaign is a spiritual journey. It is about spiritual growth. And when your family decides to trust God in a way you’ve never trusted him before—and then together watch Him provide in amazing ways—that will be quite a defining moment!

So here we go! May your week be a meaningful one. It is indeed an important one. As we get together on Sunday, along with proclaiming our Palm Sunday praises to Christ (“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest!”), we get to bring our pledges to the Lord. This will be a moment in time that will be for the generations to come!

See you on Sunday.
Pastor Paul