Ponderings for May 8 2018

Hello, Trinity community! Don’t you love this sunny weather? It reminds me of summer.
It reminds me of all the happy and good things that go along with summer—personally (with friends and family) and at Trinity.
It reminds me of the ministry trips to Oaxaca, Mexico, that Alex and Laurel Wilson will be leading as teens and adults serve the children in the name of Christ at Foundation For His Ministry.
It reminds me of Trinity’s day at the beach and the beach baptism that we will celebrate on July 15.
It reminds of the message series we will interact with. In the first half of the summer, we will be exploring some of the great passages in the Book of Isaiah in what we will call “A Sampler’s Platter of Isaiah.” The entire church will be given a reading schedule as we work through this great prophet’s book together. During the last half of the summer, we will have a “You Asked for It” series, where some pressing topics and passages will be addressed. Start getting your questions ready!
One of the passages I will cover soon is Isaiah 40: “Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength…” Are you good at waiting? I’m not! Drives me crazy. I know it’s something I have to work on. 
At Heinen’s—wait… At the doctor’s office—wait! (That’s why I try to take a book everywhere I go.) Even in traffic—wait… But no texting!
For the prodigal to come home or for the conflict to be resolved or for that one to say, “I’m sorry”—we wait!!
Now the promise of God from Isaiah is that we will get renewed strength as we wait on him…
And the example of God is that he is a champion when it comes to waiting.
From our passage this Sunday (1 Peter 3) we understand that God truly knows how to wait patiently. He waited so long for a world at odds with him to repent and turn to him. From the time it took Noah to build the ark, God waited and waited. And yet a rebellious world refused to say, “I’m sorry.” And if I am to follow the Lord’s example, I too have to wait and wait—with patience (Fruit of the Spirit) for that one to say, “I’m sorry” or come home or make peace. 

Lord, give us your patience and teach us to wait…and wait on you…that we may renew our strength for whatever the challenge may be.
**Shameless Plug Alert** Wednesday night I will be leading a three-week-long class on conflict resolution called “The Good Fight.” Together with David Durkee, we will be leading a time wherein we will look at the causes of conflict and the styles of resolution. A lot of helpful tools will be given. Please note: The class will begin at 7:00pm this Wednesday and go to 8:30pm. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall. There is no need to pre-register.
Pastor Paul