April 14, 2021

A Word about the Word

With your love LORD, the earth is filled. [Psalm 119:64]

A fantasy? A wish? An ideal?
A reality! God loves you. Let me say that again: God loves you. Soak it in.
Believe it.
You may not “feel” it. The world may not affirm it.
Still, God loves you—with a real, sacrificial, grace-filled, empowering, forgiving love.
Receive it.

Close to Home

I know that even when things return to normal, it won’t all be “normal,” just like before. And still, I am looking forward to “somewhat” normal. Things will have changed. Church will have changed. There will be many new faces, while others have found greener pastures. Our need to “connect” and grow in fellowship with each other and our God doesn’t change. Look for this summer at Trinity to have many lighthearted and outdoor “on-ramps” to help us return to one another and to 9225 Johnnycake Ridge Road.
Speaking of things returning and the need for real interaction, I have heard from not a few people who have returned to their workplace how much they missed their co-workers. The bottom line may be helped by abandoning offices, but there is no substitute for the camaraderie and sense of “team” that is found in the hallways and breakrooms at work.

“Fearfully and wonderfully made.” You! We don’t normally divulge the theme of the upcoming Manly Monday beforehand, but I couldn’t help myself. This time our topic of taking care of our great bods will be creatively addressed (come on, ladies, affirm your man!). I will share a few thoughts, as will Ian Neale. Scott Panchik, who just finished second in the World CrossFit Games, will also be challenging us! I plan on having an arm-wrestling match with Scott! Join us this coming Monday, April 19 at 7:00pm for Manly Monday—guys, don’t miss it.

The World as It Is

Before I forget, the news media is a common villain (and often deservedly so) in the eyes of the Faithful. On Easter Sunday, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal both published meaningful articles about the resurrection. Kudos to them! 


“Violins of Hope”: How did I miss this when it was first conceived and launched in Cleveland several years ago? Triumph from tragedy! Violins that were played in Nazi concentration camps by Jewish prisoners while their friends were being marched to the gas chambers have been restored by Amnon Weinstein, a violin maker now living in Israel. The story of these heroic instruments is being told through concerts and exhibits. PBS just ran a special on it.

I’ll catch you on the other side.