Welcome to Trinity. We are so glad you are checking out our website and our church. We hope the experience will be helpful to you and anyone seeking to know God. If you want to know more about who we are, what our ministries are like or what we believe;  you will easily find all that and more on these pages. To read recent updates from Pastor Paul, click here.
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What We Believe

 The Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, the final authority for all faith, practice, and discipline.

 There is one God, eternally existing as the Trinity of three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

 Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human. He was born of a virgin, was crucified for the sins of the world,
 and resurrected on the third day. He will return in power and glory.

 People are created in God’s image and made to live in relationship with him.  Through the original
 disobedience of Adam, all mankind is captive to sin and in need of restoration to relationship with God.

 Salvation comes by faith alone in the atoning death of Christ. This salvation includes peace with God through
 the forgiveness of sin, the gift of Christ’s righteousness, and the regeneration of the Holy Spirit, who 
 indwells and seals all believers until the day of redemption.

 Every vision is fueled by core convictions. Throughout the years, Christians have developed belief statements
 to help define and explain their beliefs. If you would like a more in depth reading on what we affirm, we 
 invite you to look up online and read the following creeds and statements which we affirm to be true:

   -The Nicene Creed

   -The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

   -The Baptist Faith & Message, 2000

Our Calling to Make Disciples

Our Vision

(The picture of who we are…The long term goal of our ministry)
 A community of people that deliberately lives out the peace of Christ.

Our Mission

(The calling for what we do…Our task. Today’s reason we exist)
 To make disciples who communicate God’s love and peace to our neighbors.

Our Core Values

(The manner in which we “do church” and carry out our mission)

 Spiritual and Biblical Formation
 “We are committed to being transformed into the likeness of Jesus through submission and obedience to Scripture and 
the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.”

 “Naturally ‘erring’ on the side of grace. This speaks of both a positive outlook and ‘lightness of being,’ as well as an aversion to legalism and external standards of spirituality.”
 Missional Living
 “Living out the peace of Christ among those who do not yet follow him in order to earn the privilege of sharing him with others.”
 Excellence and High Standard
 “Doing all things (from personal appearance to the details of ministry) with a sense of high quality and excellence.”
 Life Long Learner
 “Always learning, always reading…to grow in your area of ministry and as a person, to be thoughtful in all our ways. Not pat answers or easy formulas; wisdom and thoughtfulness is our manner.”
“We share the load, communicate, and work together to achieve our common goal.”


Our Growth Path

(The means by which we “do church” and our mission is fulfilled)

(Attend: Worship Services
           Gathering to meet God and others.

 Connect: Being a Part of Smaller Group
          Choosing to experience genuine fellowship through growing smaller.

 Serve: As a Ministry Partner
         Stepping up to be part of the ministry team.

 Lead: Choosing to Lead and Influence Others
          Becoming an ‘influencer’ for Christ at church, at home and in your world.




We pass the peace of Christ

 India – Dalit Freedom Network

A message from Pastor Paul about the Dalit Freedom Network:

I am privileged and passionate about serving with the Dalit Freedom Network/OM India. DFN is about freeing the Dalits from a life of poverty, exploitation and slavery through quality English education, healthcare, economic development, social justice and advocacy. All of this work is centered around the ministry of planting and growing churches among the Dalit in India. I not only serve on the DFN board but I also travel regularly to India to encourage and instruct those who help lead this great work. 

You can learn more about DFN at 

Mexico – Foundation for His Ministry

Our church partners with Foundation For His Ministry (FFHM)  in Tlacolula, Oaxaca. Our service there helps to support their work with children who are either there because their parents are unable to care for them temporarily or they are orphaned. Our work includes weeding and yard maintenance, cooking for approximately 100 people, helping to build and/or repair buildings, and of course, caring for and loving on the children.