Group Life at Trinity

We believe it is important to create space that will make it easier to connect with others, study some specific life-related issues and dig deeper into a sense of community where we can grow and serve. We believe everyone should be connected, but we have a variety of ways for people to get connected.

Life Groups are our Sunday morning groups that meet on campus at Trinity during both service hours. This is the easiest way to jump into a smaller group and get to know people.

  • Open Door Life Group meets in the Library at 9:30am and is a multi-generational group, though it has many parents of
        teenagers since the Teen Life Group is at this time.
  • Transitions Life Group meets in Room 110 at 11:00am and is primarily Baby Boomers.
  • Women to Women Life Group meets in Room 109 at 11:00am.
We also have home groups that are often gathered together around stage of life, such as our new parents group. Other groups have a action and service oriented emphasis to them, these are called our Go Groups. 

Home Groups often gather together around a stage of life, such as our New Parents Group.

Go Groups are action and service oriented groups, with an emphasis on reaching out to the people of Lake County.

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