Ponderings for April 26 2019

Happy Friday after Easter! What a wonderful weekend it was. From the thoughtful sobriety of Good Friday to the triumphant jubilance of Easter Sunday—one big YES! The week afterward always has a bit of hangover-feel to it (at least for the worship leaders). It’s worth it!
We are now preparing for the very relational and applicational series of “Respecting Boundary Lines.” God designed us as relational beings. And to spend some time discussing the issues that hinder our relationships and what we can do biblically and then deliberating how to help them will be important and good.
I am collecting a few books to read here soon as Sue and I plan to go and get some R&R next week. A friend recommended Charles Krauthammer’s The Point of It All. Krauthammer was a psychiatrist-turned-Washington Post columnist who left his practice to be in the arena of ideas. He strongly felt that some things need to be said. He wrote and spoke with a counselor’s passion; direct and yet, at times, understated. Integrity and an authentic care for things were the tone and product of his pen. He was featured at times on news/political television shows. Even there, his wisdom and character were on display—as he often appeared to be the only adult in the room.
Last summer, Krauthammer lost his battle with cancer. One of the last things he wrote is something I found so poignant and timely: “You’re betraying your whole life if you don’t say what you think—and you don’t say it honestly and bluntly.” Yes! That is so relevant for the American church today. And very challenging to me! The Lord has given us a Word to say, a manner in which to say it, and a context within which it can be said.
I so want to be part of a movement that extends grace first; that speaks openly about the brokenness of us all; that bluntly says our society is getting messier and we want to help; that pronounces articulately how God has given us a Word of hope; and that admits honestly—we don’t have all the answers and we’re sorry when we pretend to, but we surely know the One who does.
That’s all for now.
See you on Sunday as we begin talking frankly about our relationships.
Pastor Paul