Ponderings for April 3 2019

There is a fine line between acting in folly and stepping out in faith (at least in appearances). What was Peter thinking, stepping out of that boat and walking toward the Savior—on the water?!? Sure, seems foolish. Or was it an act of faith?
The parent forgives her erring teen—again!
The unemployed still gives his tithe—really?!
The young one looks at the mountainous amount of support they need to raise to go and serve the Lord over there—impossible!
Faith and folly often share similar zip codes. The Lord in his sovereign goodness knows the difference.
Capital campaigns and new building programs can wreak havoc on a church. They are the devil’s playground. Most of us know churches that combusted (spontaneously or otherwise) in the midst of their new building construction.
Here at Trinity we are gearing up for a Boundaries message and small-group series. We will wrestle with issues and topics that could bring or at least raise discord in our homes and relationships. I am already seeing it at every turn.
(What was he thinking? And right in the midst of a new building campaign! Sounds a lot like folly!)
Or perhaps, in God’s sovereign wisdom and goodness, the timing is a step of faith. As we allow God to work on our hearts, as we look at the trespassed boundaries in our relationships, we can allow the authenticity of our lives to come through. Those still to come will find no perfect people here—instead, they’ll see real people who work hard by the grace of God to admit their stuff and submit to becoming more like Christ each day.
Now that’s a community new people and guests would long to be a part of.
Praying by faith for the fruit of our Boundaries groups and the future ministry of our new Gathering Space.
No folly here. Only desperate faith.
Pastor Paul