Ponderings for August 2 2018

This and that as I finish prep for Sunday and look at a long to-do list to get ready for autumn and fall ministry:  
Vacation was good. How was yours? I hope you took one (or more). No excuses—even if you can’t get (far) away. Taking a break and unplugging is good for the soul, for the body, and for the family. By Himself “resting” and in giving us “sabbaths” (weekly and others), the Lord has given us the example and mandate to vacate. My motto has been, “Divert daily, wander weekly, meander monthly, and abandon annually.” Following the Lord’s example, these times of vacating are not just for resting but also reflecting (“He saw that is was good”) and reassessing one’s life direction and future. 
I am looking forward to seeing and worshiping with the Trinity community on Sunday. We are beginning our “As You Wish” series. (Thanks for the many idea submissions!) This week we will look at the believer’s security and perseverance in Christ. More than just a theological treatise, I want us to probe the personal and practical aspects that spur on such a question. What about that child who is no longer walking with Christ? What about that professing Christian who is living a life of sin? What about me? 
Also, in our worship of the Lord together, we will be celebrating the Communion table. This is always a special time of personal and community reflection!
So, how’s your Isaiah reading going? This week we will be launching into chapters 40–48 (the best!). Okay, if you lost your ball in the weeds—no guilt trip from me. But this would be a good place to pick it back up. Do it! Make it a part of your end-of-the-summer reading. 
That’s all for now. 
Back to School Bash on Saturday…
Hope Over Heroin at the end of August… (We need you and many others to help!)
Home groups, members’ meeting, women’s discipleship, Destiny coming soon…
Sorry, my to-do list spilled onto the Ponderings.
 See you on the other side.
 Pastor Paul