Ponderings for August 20 2018

Trinity community, I want to ask us all to do something together the week of August 27. As our ministries and church calendar crank up for the fall, I want us to commit to praying and fasting to the Lord for our church. Jesus said, “Without me you can do nothing,” and I firmly believe that. We will all be praying for five days at our own time and pace Monday through Friday (August 27–31).
So here’s the low-down: 

We are praying for the launch of our new ministry year: that Trinity would invite and welcome those still to come who will attend and become part of the Trinity family. We pray that we would fill our “welcome” map in the foyer, plan our ministries to reach out, and continue to show how #WeLOVELakeCounty. And we certainly want you and many others to connect through our new and existing small groups. Here are two requests:

  • Attend: that we would see many people come to Trinity this year and come to know Christ (all ages)
  • Connect: that we would see many more people get connected and build meaningful relationships here

Let’s describe fasting as pushing the pause button on something important for a period of time for a particular spiritual purpose. We can each decide what it is we will fast from (whether it is food or something else or both). You can choose to fast from pasta one day and your smart phone the next and social media or even ESPN after that—you decide. (Or it may be the same thing all week long.) But I want to emphasize fasting from things that take our focus away from the Lord.

Are you with me? Here we go into a busy and spiritually meaningful fall season. With one heart, praying and fasting together. Here we go indeed—with Christ’s help!
See you around the corner.

Pastor Paul