Ponderings for August 28 2018

Dear Father in heaven,
May your name forever be praised. May your Son be raised up and glorified. And may the Holy Spirit fill the people and ministries of Trinity Church. 
Lord, we pray for those who would attend Trinity this year—for those still to come. We pray for our ministries that share Christ’s love and simply attract others to your church. We pray for Blitz and for Destiny and for our Heart + Home race. We pray that care and support groups will minister your mercy in supernatural ways. We ask that you would use the people of Trinity to be salt and light in our dark world. 
And Father, we pray for the hundreds who call Trinity their home church and yet are not meaningfully connected. May they find not only a friendly place but an opportunity for spiritual growth and discipleship in our various ministries this fall. Lord, may we partner with you to grow servants and learners who seek to follow you and love others. 
Oh God, make us into an assembly of believers that is truly about your business in the world and in the church. 
In the name of Christ we pray,
Also…I wonder what’s on the news. 🙂