Ponderings for December 7 2018

So I was welcomed into my office this morning with an inflatable Grinch, adorned with a sign playfully calling me a scrooge. Very cute. He’s actually a pretty good office mate.
Now, just to clarify, I’m not anti–Christmas “stuff”—the front yard inflatables and Christmas sweaters (ugly or otherwise) are a matter of personal freedom and taste (insert joke here). And still, the more significant and “heroic” display that we can give this Christmas is a beautiful spirit full of generosity and humility and reconciliation. (If you haven’t heard the Advent sermons yet, you can go and listen to them here: https://www.trinitymentor.com/sermons-2/)
My sincere hope for you as Christmas approaches is that the character of Christ and the fruit of his Spirit shine through you amid all of your regular and irregular relationships.
We are coming down the Christmas homestretch here at Trinity.
One more Sunday, the fourth one of Advent, and we are reminded again of the heroism of our Lord. Though he hardly looked like a hero (a vulnerable baby; “he had no appearance that attracts us to him”), he certainly acted like one. Christ, who will one day carry “the government on his shoulders,” strongly carries our burdens and sins—as he once carried his heavy cross on those shoulders. A hero like none other. This Sunday we worship and sing carols to our Hero!
Christmas Eve! A concert, a time of candlelight reflection, and very much an outreach and opportunity to show how #WeLOVELakeCounty as we invite many others to enjoy the spirit of the holidays and perhaps take a step closer to following our Lord and embracing our Hero. Choose 4:00pm or 6:00pm, whichever time works best for you and your family. And as Christmas comes rushing in, a word of thanks to all who, so far, have helped “make unseen heroes” through our Dalit Freedom ministry. Our tangible love toward the Untouchable women and children brings a bit of reality to the carol lyric: “…and all oppression shall cease.” There will be two more opportunities to give a gift and help make a “hero” (Sunday and Christmas Eve). May this season flourish with heroes—because of the Hero.
While they were there, the time came for her to give birth. Then she gave birth to her firstborn son… The Hero arrived, just in time!
See you around the corner.
Pastor Paul