Ponderings for January 16 2019

Hello, Trinity family!
Is your week going well?
Are you ready for snow? “They” say it’s coming! On Saturday…into Sunday? “They’ve” been wrong before. For all intents and purposes, our plan is to “be open” and have services on Sunday. In case it gets really bad—stay tuned. We may be creating an emergency option to experience a worship service (music and message) virtually. We’ll keep you posted. And let’s keep our eyes on the skies.
I just sat in on an ordination exam. This guy knew Romans pretty well. 🙂 As he spoke of the kindness and grace of God, I was reminded of the hope for all of us, even our prodigals. Though a life may walk away from the Lord (in big or small ways), it is never out of the sight of God’s restoring and aggressive grace. If that is you—turn around! If that is a loved one, don’t lose hope—keep praying for their repentance.
So much is happening around here these days: The building is packed on Tuesdays with JTerm; the rosters are filling up with people seeking to show how #WeLOVELakeCounty through WinterServe; a Valentine’s Banquet and a youth retreat are on the horizon…who says winter is a slow time for Trinity?
I want you to be aware that we are having a brief members’ meeting after the 11:00am service on February 3. We have a couple of very exciting and necessary things to vote on. The first has to do with a slight constitutional change that will allow our deacons and deaconesses to serve longer than three one-year terms. We have some very faithful servants who desire to serve longer but are prevented because of the constitution. Secondly, we want to take money from our bloated reserve account (by policy, we are supposed to have four months of our annual budget in reserve and we have much more) and move it to the capital campaign fund to enable us to pay in cash for the upcoming second phase of the parking lot repair as well as some overages on the construction from the original bids.
Thanks for making this meeting a priority. An official announcement and more details will come on Sunday.
See you on Sunday as we affirm from Romans 1 that we are not ashamed of the gospel! (Weather notwithstanding.) 🙂
Pastor Paul