Ponderings for January 24 2019

Hey, Trinity. Just checking in from the airport prior to a 36-hour trip to Chicago. Going from cold to colder.
Speaking of cold, Sue and I immediately noticed how warm and friendly everyone working at Cleveland Hopkins Airport is. Extra courtesy and friendly engagement everywhere. We chatted with the nicest TSA agent and thanked her for her service. In asking her how she’s doing in the midst of the partial government shutdown, she said, “Alright,” and that she loves her job. But Friday she will miss her second paycheck. She hopes the electric company will be understanding.
It seems amidst all the uncertainty and financial insecurity around this place, all the workers have stepped it up and chosen to exude joy and positivity in their attitudes and dispositions. In spite of the discord and lack of cooperation and angry rhetoric from our leaders, these folks have chosen to rise above all that with kindness and an extra dose of being nice. There’s a lesson there for me and, I bet, you.
All Trinity members need to make it a must to stick around at the end of second service next Sunday, February 3. At this members’ meeting, we will vote to approve a minor change regarding deacons/deaconesses. These faithful servants who want to serve longer than three years presently can’t. We want to amend that.
Also, we need membership approval to move cash from our reserve line (still keeping within the four-month annual budget amount) to go toward our “For Those Still to Come” capital campaign. This will help pay for the second phase of our parking lot and overages in the final bids/cost for the Gathering Space. Thanks for coming to the members’ meeting. And thanks for faithfully giving to the capital campaign. We are actually ahead of where we projected to be in the giving toward the campaign!
Okay, they’re calling to board our flight. Gotta run. See you Sunday, God willing.
Pastor Paul