Ponderings for July 12 2017

Happy Wednesday Trinity.

This Sunday we will be discussing another day: The Sabbath Day. While we will have a lot to say regarding what observing means and doesn’t mean, let me share a few comments from some Jewish writers regarding the Sabbath:

“You can keep every Shabbot (Sabbath) to the letter of the Law, but unless Shabbot (Sabbath) reaches the deepest place in your heart, you haven’t kept Shabbot.” (Shlomo Carlebach)

“All of the creative energy that Work Adam uses to master the elements, Rest Adam uses to master his own inner spirit. Work Adam is always lunging forward, while Rest Adam knows there is dignity in retreat.” (Rabbi Shmuley Boteach)

“Happy are those who walk the streets of the world with the fragrance of Shabbot (Sabbath).” (Shlomo Carlbach)

 More of the nuances and blessings of the Sabbath this Sunday as we continue our message series, “Loving by the Rules.”

Speaking of this Sunday, we will be headed to Mentor Headlands Beach State Park to enjoy big group picnic/cookout at 5:00pm (bring a dessert to share). We will also celebrate the baptism of several of our friends in the Lake Erie waters!

We are all praying for Sarah Erlandson who is undergoing surgery today to remove a brain tumor. May God’s healing power and peace encompass her and David (and their boys) today and beyond!

That’s all for now.
Pastor Paul