Ponderings for July 12 2018

The Cleveland Indians have been blessed with some of the best shortstops baseball has ever known (stay with me on this). Today Francisco Lindor is arguably the best shortstop in the American League. Many of us remember the magic hands of Omar Vizquel on those great Tribe rosters of the 90s. And did you know that back in the 1940s, the Indians had the best shortstop in the game? His name was Lou Boudreau. He said that playing shortstop well was all about anticipating. Here are his words: “Playing shortstop is 75-to-80 percent anticipation, knowing the hitter and the pitch being thrown.”
That’s pretty true in life, too. Do you enjoy anticipating things? No, not the waiting…You know I am not a big fan of waiting either. But anticipating. Anticipating how beautiful Sue will look in her new outfit as we go out for our anniversary. Or anticipating how a friend will respond when I recommend a hard and biblical solution to his dilemma. Or even anticipating how much fun our family will have on vacation in the summer.
Are you good at anticipating? 
The next two Sunday mornings we will look at passages in Isaiah (chapters 60 and 66) that are rich with anticipation. The people in Isaiah’s day, living amid the dreary consequences of forsaking their God, are told to anticipate the One who will come and usher in the “favorable year of the Lord.”  It will be a future where hope comes to the hopeless, liberty to the enslaved, and healing to the broken. Jesus began the fulfillment of those promises in his first coming. And we anticipate the future day when Christ will finish what was started and all things will be made new. In the meantime, we allow the anticipation of “that day” to motivate us to live well in light of Christ’s return—in light of eternity.
A few items: Not to be trite, but I am eagerly anticipating this coming Sunday. We will have a great time of worship in the morning. And then, at 5:00pm at Mentor Headlands Beach Park, we will be enjoying the church cookout (bring a dessert) and celebrating the baptism of our peers. If you are new to Trinity, please come and join the fun. It will be a great chance to meet new friends in a relaxed setting.
And I am very much anticipating the intriguing and timely themes (and biblical passages) that you will be submitting for “As You Wish,” our message series in August. You can submit a request by filling out a card (found in the Worship Center seatbacks) or by messaging Trinity’s Facebook page. 
That’s all for now. I’ll see you around the bend (and at the beach) on Sunday.
 Pastor Paul