Ponderings for July 24 2019

Today would have been my dad’s 95th birthday. He’s been gone over twenty years. I can still hear his voice. As an unspoken tribute to him, my brother and I have been texting funny (to us) things that he would often say. I just texted, “I hate indecision!” Robert texted back, “Don’t be ridiculous!” I can still hear Dad’s thick Italian accent.
Anyway, let me clear some things off my desk for our Ponderings today (*insert stream-of-consciousness warning here*):
Thank you to the many who said “I want to serve” at the Back to School Bash in early August. What a great way to love Lake County. And what an encouragement to me and the staff to see so many from Trinity want to be a part of that day. Yes! We see an “open door” and we seize the opportunity. I love it!
The Gathering Space is almost completed. The finishing touches are being applied. I can’t wait to see the full fellowship of people (new and old) that will be gathering in there every Sunday and other days as well! On the evening of August 25, we will have a pizza reception as the “grand opening.” Mark the date down!
It’s exciting to see the Indians competing for the pennant again, isn’t it?! I sure hope they don’t trade important players now.
“Wisdom begins in wonder.” Those were Socrates’ words. Our August message series captures that in title and sermons. As we probe various themes in Proverbs, we will encourage you to join us in the discipline of reading one chapter of Proverbs (there are 31) every day in the month of August (#31in31). And then—post your learning and insights on our Facebook page!
My granddaughter Mila loves coming to Trinity when she is visiting from Cincinnati. At lunch today she tested me, asking, “When did God begin?” In all of my theological correctness I, of course, responded that God is eternal; he had no beginning. “I know that,” was her response with a smile. I believe they spoke about that and other concepts in Mrs. Dengel’s class on Sunday. Mila really likes Jaden, the teenage assistant. And she adores the Guerra family, who have taught her so many times as well. Those who serve with our kids are a big reason why families call Trinity their home. I would love to see the number of “faculty members” increase. To keep up with our growth, we really need it, too. Would you consider serving in our all-important children’s ministry? Contact me. I’m serious.
On Sunday we conclude our “Making the Grade” message series on the seven churches in Revelation. I want to say that although no church is perfect, I am grateful for how we measure up in faithfulness in both Word and deed. As we explored the specifics of a FAT church last week, I am rather encouraged that Trinity is indeed faithful to the uniqueness of Christ, available to the open-door opportunities God puts in our path, and true to the Scriptures in all that we believe. Now, lest we rest on our laurels, this Sunday we will be confronted with the charge of “lukewarmth.” Churches and believers alike are often challenged with that sense of apathy and dryness that can develop over time. By God’s grace, let’s identify it and run from becoming lukewarm. I am confident we will.
See you Sunday.
Pastor Paul