Ponderings for July 3 2017

Yesterday we worshiped with one voice, declaring together that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Church and of our lives. And that, in Him, we are free indeed! 

Tomorrow we celebrate our nation’s birth and independence. We may enjoy a day off with family and the parades and fireworks. But we also celebrate America’s freedom from outside forces and tyranny! The fourth of July is an important holiday, remembering our country’s past and looking to her future as we all strive to make her a force for good in the world.

Sunday. And Tuesday.

We remember Jesus’ famous “render unto Caesar and unto to God” remark, wherein he reminds us to keep patriotism and worship in their own lanes.  Faithful dual citizenship is what Christ calls us to.  There are two fundamental realms that we must wisely navigate (Christ’s “kingdom” and the kingdom “of this world”).  And while there is interplay and even influence from one to the other, they must never be confused with one another.  And yet as “salt and light”, Christ followers are called to make a spiritual impact in the world in which they find themselves. That’s us. That’s here. As Christians in America or wherever we find ourselves.

We love our community and this country and support her, with our work and our money and our allegiance.  And we pray for America, for peace and freedom, for civility and integrity. 

And still the banner we worship under, that we wrap ourselves in; the banner which unifies and truly gives us liberty is that of Christ.  And as “aliens” in this world we long for the day we are truly “home.” 

Tuesday will be great birthday party for the United States of America.

Yesterday we lifted up the name of Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords. And not just yesterday…Every day! 

Forever and ever.
Pastor Paul