Ponderings for July 31 2019

Hello, Trinity people! Can you believe it’s just about August?! Still a good bit of summer ahead, but that is quite a big wake behind us! Where does the time go?
There is a phrase that we like to use on staff to remind us to remember the past faithfulness of God and our own good work of planning as we plough ahead into the next big thing: “River crossed, bridge forgotten.”
So, as to not forget some recently crossed bridges, I write:
About Boundaries: Remember that series and book we read right after Easter? Boundaries are and will ever remain a prevalent issue in all of our relationships. On a regular basis, I am reminded of and am reminding others of the importance of maintaining boundaries. Don’t forget, boundaries define what is me and mine (responsibility-wise) and what is yours. I remember Dr. Henry Cloud’s words: “Your boundaries are necessary for you and helpful for the people you love. Even when they hurt.”
River crossed, bridge noted.
We just finished a series called “Making the Grade” in which we examined our Lord’s letters to seven real churches in the first century. We learned that the Lord cares very intimately about every individual church, including ours. And that behavioral or doctrinal compromises on our part are not tolerated by Christ. Loving, Christlike character and unwavering biblical beliefs must always be the church’s signature. Christ calls us to be willing to stay on mission even to the point of suffering for Him. And he requires of us a sincerity and a passion that dispels all apathy and lukewarmth. As we have said throughout the series: If the shoe fits, wear it!
River crossed, bridge honored.
Randy Verdi, one of our Trinity Elders, left for Haiti this morning. He will be building a bakery in the name of Christ and for the sake of the people there. He asked us to supply shoes for the many in Haiti in need of adequate footwear. Boy, did we respond! Randy thanks us by writing: “Thank you for your generous giving of shoes to those in need in Haiti…Your generosity will go a long way in allowing them to see the love of Christ!” Among the poorest of the global poor, the annual income per capita among Haitians is $1,750. Our gifts of shoes are quite needed and will be well received. (Randy wrote a beautiful letter of thanks that we will post in its entirety for your reading.)
River crossed, bridge gratefully remembered.
It is a joy crossing rivers of opportunity with you. And it is humbling to see the bridges that the Lord provides for us on a regular basis.
See you on the other side.
Pastor Paul