Ponderings for June 25 2019

Where do you live? Mentor? Concord Township? Chardon? Maybe Painesville Township? Each of our hometowns comes with a unique distinction, doesn’t it? My parents came from Rome, Italy, a city known as the Eternal City! Cleveland used to be called the Comeback City. My daughter lives in the Queen City. Do you know which city that is?
On Sunday, we will continue our series called “Making the Grade.” As we study and apply Christ’s letters to seven historical churches in Asia Minor, we will examine the letter to Pergamum. Do you know the nickname that the Lord gave to the city of Pergamum? “Satan’s City.” Yuck, talk about bad PR. And you though Vegas had it rough with “Sin City.”
“I know where you live,” the Lord tells them. “Where Satan’s throne is.”
We will look at the spiritually dark details that earned Pergamum its dubious title. And we will delve into the implications for the Christ-followers who lived there. How does the church earn a passing grade when it is living in the middle of “Satan’s City”?
This week and as we prepare for Sunday, let’s be encouraged that Christ “knows where we live.” No matter how dark or dismal, or how immoral or oppressive, the Lord knows where you live. Like the believers of Pergamum, Christ knows our diabolical circumstances and the loneliness that comes from trying to live with his ethics in a world of upside-down ethics. And, like the Christians in Pergamum, he promises to be with us, too.
Here’s what I want you to know: Christ knows exactly where you are right now! Stop and think on that for moment. Whatever your address or present circumstances, the Lord knows where you live. And more than just being cognizant of where you are, Christ strategically and providentially has you there for his purposes. We are all to bear witness to God’s grace and love. We are all to deliberately love Lake County. We are all to be a light to dark Pergamum.
I’ll see you on Sunday and, in the meantime, we can all rest in the fact that the Lord knows where we are.
Pastor Paul