Ponderings for June 28 2018

Did you see the truly splendid video of Paul McCartney and James Corden that’s gone viral? It’s a wonderfully warm Carpool Karaoke skit. Jillianne Waardenburg sent it to me, and I loved it—not just because I’m a Beatles fan but because the great, universal human qualities the video exudes make it an instant classic. 
You CAN go home! And, deep in our hearts, we all long to. McCartney takes us with him back to Liverpool, England. We love to see the familiar places not only because they remind us of Beatles songs but because they remind us of our special places growing up. The barber shop, the well-known streets, the fire department, our favorite rooms in our old house…they’re all there in the video and in our personal memories as well. 
There is something about music, isn’t there? The camaraderie and fellowship that music generates is tangibly real. A whole group of fans join Paul in singing and laughing (and tearing up) over familiar Beatles songs. We do it at Trinity, too! Our seniors gather for lunch once a month and enjoy a warm time of singing their favorite hymns together. 
At one point, James Cordon wipes away a few tears as a particular song (“Let It Be”) reminds him of his deceased grandfather. We learn that McCartney’s mom inspired that famous song. Who among us doesn’t think of loved ones past and present when “their” song comes on? 
This is a video full of life and laughter and commonality and mutual memories: a welcome watch, not just for a Beatles fan like me, but maybe for all of us who are living in an uncivil day of polarization that we’d much rather forget. 
Thanks, Paul and James! Your kindness and humor and grace are a wonderful breath of fresh air. We needed that!
Pastor Paul
 (If you haven’t seen the video, you should—it is well worth the watch. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjvzCTqkBDQ)