Ponderings for June 4 2019

Happy June, Trinitarians! As I write, the sky couldn’t be bluer—a good thing! And as I write, the contingency plan for working without power tomorrow is being bantered about. One more step toward the completion of the Gathering Space—a very good thing!
So, this Sunday is historically and globally recognized as the Feast of Pentecost. In essence, it is a commemoration of the Church’s birthday—a great day indeed. In honor of that, I have composed a “creed” of what it is we believe about the Church in light of the Day of Pentecost:
We believe that the Church, the Body of Christ, was birthed and designed to be God’s vehicle of hope for the world.
And we believe that just as the Holy Spirit indwelt all believers on the original day of Pentecost, he does so now on the very day anyone trusts Christ as Savior.
And we believe that just as God miraculously empowered the disciples to proclaim his Good News in multiple foreign languages on that day, he still compels us to take the Gospel to every nation and people in their native tongues and culture.
The Church lives on
Happy Pentecost!
Pastor Paul