Ponderings for March 1 2019

Ponderings from Pastor Paul
March 1, 2019
As I write these thoughts, a bulldozer is demolishing the former front and portico of Trinity’s building. Wow!
A great and odd and nostalgic phenomenon.
Yes! Patience is coming to fruition. Finally. 🙂 Generosity’s payday! No turning back. A Gathering Space that is welcoming, full of light, and aesthetically appealing. Yes!
Oh, my! I watched the claw of the machine smash down and flatten the former roof with one swipe! The bulldozer mercilessly drove over the rubble, grinding it into dust. I want that job! Looks like great therapy.
For me, that space holds a mere three-plus years of memories. Remembering the first time I walked in those doors—and that dimly lit entry—thinking, “This needs to change.” Recalling the many warm dear ones that I have met right there since. And, for a lot of you who are reading this, reminiscing about the many, many years and people that the former entryway represents. Gratefulness abounds.
And now, I am thinking of the lives that will come through the new entrance. I am confident of a welcoming spirit that will embrace those still to come. And I am even more confident in our Lord, who will lavish his grace and extend his love to everyone who enters in—and gathers in—the new space.
“Behold, I make all things new.”
Catch you on the other side. (And don’t forget that on Sunday, you need to enter on the other side.)
Pastor Paul