Ponderings for May 14 2019

I’m sitting here with my laptop and a warm cup of coffee, convincing myself that Ohio will see warmer days and sunshine again…soon…I hope!

Boundaries. Everywhere I go, everyone is talking about boundaries around Trinity.

Letting my six-year-old stay up until 10:00pm is a boundary issue, isn’t it?
It probably is.
Not giving my adolescent that new game he so covets is about boundaries, yes?
Maybe so.

Lots of parenting and boundary issues, aren’t there? And I guess boundaries for our kids prevents them from becoming spoiled and even helps them realize they are not the center of the universe. But I think the bigger deal about boundaries and parenting is the issue of freedom. Freedom, really? That’s really the issue for all of us. And that’s why our heavenly Parent gives us boundaries. They enable us to live life as we were designed. Back to our children for a moment. Boundaries liberate kids. When your child knows your boundaries for him are clear and firm, he will have the confidence and security to explore life and experience all the areas and nuances within the boundary lines. When they test the boundaries and push on your lovingly imposed borders, in some way, our kids are making sure the boundaries are still in place. Trust me on that. That is how God parents us. And a very clear boundary that reveals this is the Sabbath rest. The pause button after six power days is more than a day of rest—it establishes a boundary for reflection and rhythm. Abiding by the boundary of the Sabbath gives me the liberty to go full bore, knowing there will be a time to brake. I am able to spend some days without real reflection or rest, knowing there is an ordained boundary line coming where I can take a breath and assess my life and work. Just like with our kids, God’s boundaries for us may seem unreasonable and unjustified. But a sign of maturity (for all of us children) is when we realize that our Parent is truly wise and has our best interests in mind. See you Sunday when, among other things, we will discuss how God’s boundary, though seeming rather restrictive, is actually liberating and faith boosting.

See you on the other side.
Pastor Paul