Ponderings for November 19 2019

Blessed are the feet that bring Good News…
As the holidays approach, we will all have numerous opportunities to engage people in spiritual conversations and Christian “experiences” (like receiving a free tree or hearing some sacred music). Whether it’s interacting with people at your office or in your neighborhood or taking advantage of the outreaching nature of so many of Trinity’s December activities, our hope is that many of us here will broach the subject of Christ or God with others in the coming season.
I know that can seem scary or forced, but it doesn’t have to be. Many of us feel unprepared to simply “give the answer to the hope” that we have in Christ. That is why I thought the words of Professor Rick Richardson from Wheaton College are so timely today. He writes that the way to have meaningful spiritual conversations with others is to learn “to ask good questions of people about God, and good questions to God about people.” Here are Dr. Richardson’s suggestions:
  • Questions to Ask People: 1) Do you have any religious background and does it mean anything to you today? 2) Have you ever had what you would consider a spiritual experience? What was that like? 3) Do you think there is a God, and what do you think God is like? and 4) Would you say you ever pray? And what do you think that does?
  • Questions to Ask God: 1) Jesus, where are you already at work? Please lead me to those who are receptive. 2) Is there someone you want me to talk to, or care for, or pray with? Is there someone here who is hurting? And what are you doing? and 3) Do I notice anything about this person that you might notice? What might you say to them in this moment?
Let’s pray for each other about these conversations during the holiday season. And let’s pray that Trinity’s ministries this Advent are used by God to introduce many people to the Gospel and the beautiful person of Jesus Christ.
It is a joy and privilege to lead and pastor you in the things of God.
See you down the road.
Pastor Paul