Ponderings for November 27 2019

So what’s the big deal about Thanksgiving? I mean, think about it: Most people are generally very stoked about this holiday. We talk about Thanksgiving long before it’s here. The highways and airports are jam-packed with delays everywhere. We rehearse what we are eating, who is coming, when your dad will loosen his belt at the table. So much hype. And, to be honest, I am just not sure why.
Are we that interested in the culinary practices of bunch of Pilgrims from 400 years ago? I have my doubts.
Is it the football games? (Maybe the Dallas Cowboys a little. Certainly not the Lions, right?)
The turkey?! Really? Come on, be honest—you’re not that crazy about turkey, are you? Now, if the traditional fare was Alaskan King Crab legs or filet mignon, then let’s go! Even lasagna or baby back ribs, but turkey?
And, of course, the pies…ahh, the pies. But I digress.
I do think that the break from the normal routines and habits of family (even extended) are key to the popularity of this day. With us all sitting down to a slow meal together; perhaps even carrying on meaningful table conversation; and thinking through and even saying aloud the specific things that we are each thankful for: We seldom do these important and healthy things together. And the fact that we set aside a national holiday to attempt these significant rituals speaks of their latent importance to us. It is good and healthy to give thanks. And it is right and good to slow down and share a meal with loved ones and have thoughtful discussions. Deep down, that is what makes Thanksgiving so popular, in my opinion. (That and the pies. Especially the coconut cream. 🙂
We’ll see you on Sunday when we begin Advent by worshiping together, reminding ourselves that Love is the best while we also light a candle to begin the Christmas season. (We’ll celebrate the Lord’s Table on the 22nd of December.)
Happy Thanksgiving, beloveds.
Pastor Paul