Ponderings for October 25 2019

Wow, its been a while since I “pondered.” Or, at least, since I jotted down a Ponderings to the Trinity community. It just wouldn’t come. I would go to write something and then it was too blah, or too obtuse, or nothing at all. Then life happens and a week goes by, and then another week. Writing a Ponderings is like working out; you get out of the routine and then before you know it, you’ve missed a few weeks and it’s really hard to get started again. But you have to! That’s true with any number of personal habits, isn’t it?
So here goes…
“Blessed to be a blessing.” That has been God’s M.O. for blessing and tangibly loving the world and the needy for thousands of years (check out Genesis 12). For me and for us, that means God blesses us with so much (materially and spiritually) not just to enjoy or hoard but to share with and “bless” others. To live “Christianly” and to carry out a vital core value of Trinity Church is to consistently look outward when “counting one’s blessings.”
This Sunday we will be modeling this as we introduce and welcome our new partner church, International Fellowship Church. We seek to bless this primarily Nepalese congregation (think the Himalayas and Mount Everest) as they seek to bless the international/refugee population of Cleveland with the Gospel. I am eager for us to experience on Sunday a deep spiritual time of worship as we participate together in the fellowship of communion and baptism!
It won’t be long until our society announces the coming of Christmas and the holiday season with the scheduling of office parties and gift exchanges and the buying of presents. Not to be outdone, our church has already begun preparations with musical rehearsals and fun children’s plays and all things joyful. Let’s go!
But let’s also not forget that for many, this season is the opposite of joy. With the memories of lost loved ones or the pain of fractured families, this is not an easy time for some. What can we do to tangibly bring the love and peace of Christ to our neighbors and friends who are dreading this coming Christmas season? Maybe your small group or fellowship–or you and your family–can devise a plan to reach out and “bless” someone this season. Let’s go!
On November 1 and 2, we will be hosting “Surviving the Holidays,” a ministry of hope and support for those dealing with sorrow and grief through divorce or the loss of a loved one. Consider inviting someone who needs it. Or come yourself if you need it.
Whew. That was hard work getting back in the Ponderings routine.
See you Sunday!
Pastor Paul