Ponderings for September 10 2019

I was driving down a beautiful winding road the other day and I actually saw the beginnings of autumn color changes in the leaves. One day soon, they will be a vast array of amazing oranges and reds and yellows. Right now, though, it’s sort of like: “Really? I’m not ready for the fall!”
Our lives and families can be like that as well. The kids are going back to school; everybody’s back from the summer and the load at the office is already piling up; church life is in full swing; and the Browns are playing again and—well, never mind!
Trinity, too! Like Baker Mayfield, who is now presented with so many talented receivers (see, I haven’t given up on them!), the fall has arrived and our church calendar is full with many ministries starting back up again. Our teenagers look forward to a new year full of fun and meaningful expectations. Moms and their “tots” expect a strong, new season. We’re introducing an exciting new paradigm for Sunday morning and children’s classes. The women have great options of discipleship and a retreat. I hear there is a race coming to our campus, too! And there are many other colors and many other leaves. Choose wisely. Choose purposefully. Choose spiritually.
And keep praying!
We have introduced the fall with our family theme of prayer. It’s basic, necessary, and…maybe even overlooked? Are you praying WITH Trinity this month? It’s a good discipline as we face the future and seek God’s pleasure in what we do.
I know life is busy and it’s tough to find the space to pray…sort of. And that got me thinking of that lame excuse I sometimes use for not praying. See if this sounds familiar:
“I am just too busy to pray.”
We live at a crazy pace. In our work or our play, we’re always “on” and then moving to the next thing. And when we’re not “on,” we’re on our phones or our computers or we’re watching sports. Little time to think or meditate. Little space to ponder or pray.
Really, Paul?! I say prayer is vital, absolutely important, and yet…I’m too busy?!?
My son-in-law drives a Tesla (an electric car). On our trip this summer, I never heard him say, “I’m too busy to stop at the charging station.” He is not foolish enough to skip the necessary charge that he needs to reach his destination. And yet, how often do I do just that in the journey of my Christian living? I am just way too busy to slow down and stop for energy. Sounds rather foolish, doesn’t it?
Jesus spoke of my excuse of busyness as he corrected the busy Martha while praising the meditative Mary: “Martha, Martha…you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken from her” (Luke 10:38–42). This was not necessarily a rebuke to industrious activity but rather a caution not to act without praying and spending time at “Jesus’ feet.”
Enjoy all the things coming at you this fall. Be active. Don’t hold back. Choose well as you participate in the great things that Trinity is offering at the start of this year. And don’t forget to pray WITH Trinity.
I’ll see you around the corner. Pastor Paul