Ponderings for May 11 2017

Greetings Trinity community and friends.

I’m taking a breather from a bit of study and Sunday prep to jot a few ideas down…

Thinking of Trinity things in the distance and close by—

Last week our ministry staff team spent an entire day looking into the future and talking about long-range planning and goals and wishes and strategies. Our love for Christ and our church truly makes us desire to readily share both as well and as often as we can to our neighbors all over Lake County. We’re now working and praying through ideas that will empower and energize the entire Trinity community to think outward.

 May 28 I will give some definition to our future ideas.

This Sunday we will begin a 3-part message series “US.” We will examine the issues of love and relationships and marriage. I am excited to biblically probe with you the themes of Becoming Us; Choosing Us; and Defending Us. This will be a series that both marrieds and singles will enjoy and will be an easy one to invite guests to.

Oh yeah…And of course Sunday is Mother’s Day! We will plan accordingly. 🙂

See you this week end.

Pastor Paul


Ponderings for May 5 2017

Have you built your ark yet?

Have you reserved your place downtown for the Cavaliers 2nd championship parade? Maybe premature. But fun to imagine. And they are 6-0 in the playoffs! “Outta my way!”

Here comes Sunday! In the Book of Revelation, Sunday is called the Lord’s Day for the first time. Nice designation. Because he arose on Sunday. Because we collectively worship him and hear his Word on Sunday. Praying we are all prepared to meet with our Lord on his day, the day after tomorrow.

Speaking of the Book of Revelation (and Sunday), that will be our text in our services this week. Pray for your pastor as I continue to try to create an accurate and edifying microcosm of this wonderful and mysterious book. 🙂 The book is meant to be an encouragement to believers in their present contexts (and not just fodder for speculative charts and predictions). So, I am attempting to deliver on that purpose. Accurate words from scholar Stephen L.Cook:

The apocalyptic vision of salvation claims to be relevant for the here and now, as well as for the end times. It gives readers a “sense of an ending” to existence and history, assuring them that the life of faith has a satisfying conclusion despite appearances to the contrary.

I am also looking forward to Sunday as we will start the services honoring the seniors in our body (don’t think high-schoolers, that will be in several weeks). Think “elders” (not in the church governance sense–this is getting complicated, 🙂 but in a life-veterans sense. Their legacy and faithfulness not only provides examples for the rest of us, but lays a foundation for the future of our lives and our church. The elderly among us possess the reserves of wisdom that is vital for our lives and church. It will be a privilege to thank them and pray for them.

Remember your umbrella.

And I’ll see you on the Lord’s Day.
Pastor Paul


Ponderings for April 25 2017

A rainy Tuesday after a beautiful Monday…There’s a lesson somewhere in that.

Last night I went and watched the film, A Case for Christ. Many teens from The Mill (Trinity’s youth group) practically filled the theater. A very enjoyable evening out.

A Case for Christ was a good movie depicting the true story of a Chicago journalist’s search for the truth in the Christ story. I must admit, movie snob that I am, I entered the theater somewhat skeptical. But instead of finding bad acting, a shallow story-line and general low-budget mediocrity (I told you I was a movie nob), we all watched a compelling and quality film. You ought to go see it. Better yet, go with a friend or co-worker who does not yet trust in Christ. The book from which the movie is based, is a must for all Christ-followers to have and give away.

A Case for Christ is a readable “apologetic” on the reasonableness and facts of our faith. The Lord has used Lee Strobel’s book (and the friend who gave it away) to bring many people to faith! The story in the movie also showed the importance of prayer and love and patience and friendship in the journey toward faith in Christ.

Thanks teens for letting me tag along last night.

 Shifting gears now…

This Sunday, my message will focus on answering a number of the questions that many have raised in the New Testament reading of our Community Bible Experience. You can ask any question you or your group encountered. You can submit your question here: www.trinitymentor.com/cbequestions. Please have those questions into us by the end of the day on Wednesday. I will organize the questions into categories and themes so as to cover them as best as I can.

Fifth Sunday is here again! This is a special time where our body comes together to join our voices and hearts in prayer in creative and meaningful ways from 5 to 6 PM. We will be praying for those whom we know and love that don’t yet know Christ. We will also be praying specifically for one another. Please submit your prayer requests and needs to us by the end of Wednesday. You can submit your prayers here: www.trinitymentor.com/prayers. There will also be time to be prayed for specifically and individually by our elders. Thanks for making Sunday at 5PM a high priority.

Enjoy dodging the raindrops. I’ll see you around the corner.
Pastor Paul


Ponderings for April 21 2017

Happy Friday Trinity family and friends.

Some random thoughts and ideas as we close out the week and head toward Sunday…

Easter was a grand celebration! A real joy. How nice to see so many celebrating the resurrected Christ. Thanks to many of you who worshiped in the overflow room. Not optimum, but necessary as we had so many guests. Next year the plan is to offer three Easter worship services.

Speaking of guests. By now you may have noticed our guest parking signs. Our hope is that our guest parking area will not be enough to accommodate the many guests that come our way. Beginning on Mother’s Day, I will start a message series on marriage. My prayer is that this will be helpful and encouraging to many at Trinity as well as to guests that we all can invite to such a practical series.

Speaking of prayer; we will be having our “Fifth Sunday” prayer experience next Sunday evening (April 30th at 5:00pm). Along with a time of prayerful worship and repentance, we will be praying together for Trinity and the needs of the body. Thanks for making this a special time together. Let us pray for you too.

 In conjunction with our Community Bible Experience reading, this Sunday I will be speaking on three areas of responsibility for us to live out the peace of Christ. From Colossians 3, we will be addressing marriage, family and the workplace. Next week my message will be addressing many of the questions that have been raised throughout our CBE reading. I’ll explain more on Sunday.

Hope to see you this weekend.

Pastor Paul


Ponderings for April 13 2017

Tomorrow is Friday…An outstanding Friday that Christians for 2000 years have soberly observed…Trinity will too.

Of Jesus’ death on that Friday one author writes:
“The plunge from God towards the void which man in his revolt had begun, Christ undertook in love. Knowingly, voluntarily, he experienced it with all the sensitiveness of his divinely human heart. The greater the victim, the more terrible the blow that fells him.  No one ever died as Jesus died, who was life itself.  No one was ever punished for sin as he was, the Sinless One. No one ever experienced the plunge down the vacuum of evil as did God’s Son –even to the excruciating agony behind the words: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Tomorrow is Friday and at Trinity we will be experiencing the “Stations of Love.” This will be a spiritual and “sensory” experience. A time to reflect on the specifics and emotions of the story of Christ’s passion and crucifixion.

Together we will remember and relive 13 “stations” depicting the events surrounding the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus. Through readings and video and song and artwork you will journey from the anguish of Gethsemane to the pain of Golgotha. All the while remembering the price of God’s love for us.

It will be at 6:30pm. There will be childcare from ages birth to 6 years old.

Though we have referred to this as a “walk” –it will be a mental and visual journey—from our seats. No literal walking required.

It will be an appropriate preparation for Resurrection Sunday.

See you tomorrow. Invite someone…This is a Friday intended for everyone.
Pastor Paul