Ponderings for February 10 2017

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”  I just read those words again from Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland. Ex-Beatle, George Harrison, also sung them in a song shortly before he lost his battle with cancer a number of years ago. 
Pretty profound, wouldn’t you say? 
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”
Makes complete sense.
I am going to route 271 South…Or maybe 90 East…Johnnycake Ridge is a good one.  Or how about Route 2 West?  Where am I going?  I don’t know.  Then any one of those roads will do.
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”
It would seem that the more important question is, “Where are you going?”  At work. In your marriage and family.  At school. In your spiritual journey. In life!  Where do you want to go?  Is it meaningful?  Is it worthwhile?  Is it your first choice? Do you know how to get there?
A very creative and fanciful author, Lewis Carroll was an Anglican deacon. Did he know the road to take him where he needed to go? George Harrison was a devout Hindu. He made no bones about the road he had chosen, being a spiritual one, paved with the practices and beliefs of Hinduism.
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”
For two millennia, the Christian church has followed the life and teachings of Jesus, who proclaimed that he not only knew the way but in fact was the way.
If I want to go to a place where forgiveness and love and justice prevail, and where death has been dealt a fatal blow; then Jesus, the one who rose from the dead, is a great road to be traveling down.
Is He your “road”? Whom are you inviting to travel it with you?
See you Sunday.
Pastor Paul


Ponderings for February 3 2017

Hello Trinity Community. In honor of February and “the month of love” here are some thoughts on love and marriage. 

 “Marriage is the ultimate communication endeavor between two people.”  You can quote me on that. 

 Aristotle knew a thing or two about communication. He summarized all communication as needing and having three components: 

    Logos-the words or reason of said communique or speech. 

    Ethos-the character and ethics of the communicator. 

    Pathos-the emotions and appropriate feelings that are stirred up. 

 Okay, quick check on your marriage/love life:

Logos-Do you speak to each other? Nicely? Clearly? Deeply (at times)?


Ethos-Is there trust in your relationship? Does the integrity of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit ooze out of you? Not perfection, but Christ-likeness in grace and honesty. 


Pathos-Is there a sense of joy and romance. Does each person consider the feelings (and needs) of his partner above his own? Feelings of love come and go. And yet can be counted on to show up a lot more and stronger when the logos and ethos are present.  


Please don’t just read this and file it away. Talk about it with your spouse or friend. Pray to the Lord that he make you the lover and “communicator ” your relationship so desperately needs. 


See you Sunday. You can still register on Sunday morning for the Valentine’s Dinner. 



Pastor Paul




Ponderings for January 20 2017

It is a good day to follow our Lord’s instructions and pray for our new leaders today. We ought to be faithful in praying for our new president and our country. As the Apostle Peter wrote to believers living under the rule of Roman Emperor Nero,

Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.” As well the Apostle  Paul reminded Christ followers to pray for their leaders

 — ” I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people—  for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.  This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”

So dear gracious and sovereign Lord, we lift up President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence in prayer. Please grant them the wisdom and grace to lead this entire country in freedom and in peace.

Our Father please give him the wisdom to bring unity to our divided country. May you use him to build bridges of peace between party lines, racial lines, cultural lines, gender lines and spiritual lines. 

Father enable our president to be the leader and guardian of all peoples. Men and women. Rich and poor. The born and the unborn. The old and the young …To all who bear your image. 

And Lord we pray that you would enable President Trump to have the wherewithal and balance to lead in these troubled times globally. We pray specifically for the mess and instability in the Middle East. Please allow him to have the insight and wisdom to help establish with others a just and merciful peace for all in that region. And as always, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 

Lord, for President Trump and for all we pray: The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord turn his face toward you and be gracious to you. The Lord make his face shine upon and grant you his peace. 

Amen and amen


Ponderings for January 27 2017

Happy Friday Trinity!

Thinking about prayer as I study Jonah for Sunday and thinking about “5th Sunday” Prayer Event this weekend.

In the the midst of a huge storm all the sailors on Jonah’s boat prayed vehemently for “their gods” to rescue them. Jonah, the “believer” in this storm is below deck sawing logs.

Trinity staff team has been racking its collective brain to communicate well and inspire our people to come out Sunday at 5 PM to experience this unique Event. Make it for families! Check! Design it with stations and other interactive ways! Got it! Tell everyone about it through social media ! Done!

And so I ponder, why do Jonah and I and many other “believers” struggle with prayer? We have a lot of our own resources! We don’t seem to have a whole lot of needs (comparatively speaking). We don’t really think it works. We think its more of a divine “to-do list” than a vehicle of fellowship with Lord of the universe who to desires to commune with us. Pick one.

No desire to heap guilt. Just to challenge and compel. You ought to consider taking an hour out of this Sunday afternoon (its even between NFL playoffs and Super Bowl) and experience the Prayer Event. The Lord will meet you and your family and all of us as we creatively and spiritually call on him with all of our hearts and minds. From 5 to 6 PM.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great week-end. See you Sunday!

Pastor Paul


Ponderings for January 12 2017

Asking myself some questions on a rainy, foggy Thursday morning. (With credit to Terry Pluto and his writing style.)

Q: So, you were up early this morning. How did the Men’s Gathering go?

A: Actually, very well. The camaraderie around my table was good and the topic of courage was right on! Not that I’m counting, but our numbers (counting this Saturday) approach the number of ladies Sue is getting in her discipleship program.

Q: Getting a little competitive there with your wife’s ministry?

A: I’m just sayin’…

Q: So, what’s this “Peace Plan 2017” you were talking about on Sunday?

A: It’s basically a road map for all of us to engage in this spiritual battle for people’s souls and our communities.

Q: Wow, that sounds urgent! How can I know more?

A. Grab a Peace Plan 2017 brochure or go on our website to www.trinitymentor.com/peaceplan

Q: All right I will.

A: And come back this Sunday morning where I will teach and explain things a bit further.

Q: Wait, does that mean you’re not going to teach through a passage of Scripture again?

A: Just this week. Clearly, Trinity’s value and my sweet spot of biblical teaching is not going to be compromised. We will begin a series in the Book of Jonah and then go through the entire New Testament. Just to be clear and convey the urgency of our journey as a church community together, I want to stress the Peace Plan for one more week.

Q: Got it. So, with this being our 2017 plan, what about our conversations regarding the building and our sign and…?

A: Good question. We haven’t forgotten those. The sign is coming. The ground needs to thaw. And the plans for our gathering space and renovations are still in the pipeline. More immediately, we will be replacing the roof on our building.

Q: Wow, that’s going to cost us a bit isn’t it?

A: Sure, roofs are not cheap. We have some monies in our building funds and we will also come to the congregation for additional funding.

Q: So, in general, who foots the bill for Trinity and her expenses?

A: It is the generous and faithful giving of the people in our church community that fuels the ministries and life change around here. Our financial resources come from all of our tithes (giving 10% of our earnings).

Q: What about our Hendrick’s Road property and the money tied up in that? And are we still praying daily at 12:15 for it to be sold?

A: That’s two questions. But yes, we are still praying for that property to sell. We believe that money can assist us in fulfilling the vision of what we believe the Lord is calling Trinity to become.

Q: Does our vision of the future exceed our present resources?

A: In some ways, yes. It should. But we don’t proceed until we secure the resources. That calls for fervent prayer and for rallying together (even future capital campaigns). This will enable us to move forward and, as is always the case, grow spiritually and deeper together.

Q: Speaking of prayer, what’s up with these “Fifth Sundays” I’ve heard about?

A: Starting this January 29th, we will meet to pray as a church. It will be creative and engaging and different. Every fifth Sunday from 5pm to 6pm. Plan on coming!

Q: So, are the Cavs going to beat Golden State 
on Monday
 night? And who are the Browns going to draft with the number one pick?
A: Now you’re asking really hard questions!

I’ll see you Sunday.