Thank you for joining us as #WeLOVELakeCounty! Your creative investment into our community will not only help the people of Lake County in tangible ways, but it may open the door to allow conversation and participation in the lives of those around us, all in the name of Christ.

Here you will find the grant application that can be filled out and submitted to the church for consideration as part of this initiative. You can download a PDF of the application and submit the completed form to, or you can fill out an electronic application form here for immediate submission. Paper copies will also be available in the church office.

We have also included a prayer sheet listing ways that you can pray for Lake County throughout this year. This document lists how you can pray generally, specifically, and spiritually for our community and our church. Keep it nearby as you go about your daily life so you can have a reminder of how vital prayer is in the life of our county!


#WLLC Grant Application

Ministry Grant Application

Congratulations! You have caught the vision for Trinity’s outward focus and want to love our community by passing the peace of Christ in tangible ways. In the space below, you will have the opportunity to describe your #WeLOVELakeCounty ministry idea. As the peace (“Shalom”) of God manifests itself in four directions (societal, relational, personal and spiritual), we will look at the specific direction your ministry idea is targeting. Thank you for your desire and effort to love Lake County.

May the Lord bless you in joining us as #WeLOVELakeCounty. A response to this application will be shortly forthcoming. Thank you!