To clarify our purpose and calling, these are our filters for decision making. 

Lifelong Discipleship

Trinity desires to intentionally promote the discipleship process of Christian growth and spiritual formation. We move beyond the Sunday worship services to offer a variety of outlets for authentic discipleship communities.  These groups strengthen the faith and deepen the walk of Christ-followers, encourage those who are on a journey toward faith in Christ, and establish places where people can do life together.

Biblical Foundation

While encouraging lifelong learning, Trinity prioritizes transformational Bible instruction so that together we all may grow in our love, understanding, and application of the Scriptures for our lives and our world. From the Bible and its Gospel, we attain hope, a healthy identity, and a proper worldview.

A Tone of Grace

Trinity welcomes those from diverse backgrounds and views. We maintain a posture of humility and grace toward secondary theological issues and cultural engagement while remaining clear on what we believe. We will choose to reflect our Christian distinctiveness and identity amidst a myriad of biblical and political opinions.

Impactful Generosity

Trinity seeks to build bridges from our people to our neighbors and the nations through financial generosity, strategic partnership (with local and global missions organizations), and focused church events aimed at sharing the gospel in word and deed to our community and beyond.

Quiet Excellence

We believe that pursuing excellence is about bringing our best to church and to life through everything we do in love, attitude, and practice. Through all of Trinity’s programming and campus facilities, we strive to manifest excellence in all things to the glory of God.