These amazing people have been given roles in leadership to help guide, direct, and serve our church family.


Elders work with the Lead Pastor and ministry staff to oversee the church and form vision for the future.

Our Elder Board: Matt Ozinga, Pastor Paul Sartarelli, Jeff Wilson (Chairman), Jeff Jordan, Randy Verdi, Tom Kirk



Trustees also partner with the Elders, but primarily oversee the finances and facility needs of the church.

Our Board of Trustees: Tom Adamo (Chairman), Matt Callahan, Greg Holt, Bob Boyd. Not Pictured: Ray Banary

Diaconate (Deacons & Deaconesses)
The Diaconate serves the body in many ways, including: communion, communion to shut-ins,  acts of service, handling benevolence requests, and more.

Our 2020-21 Diaconate:  Steve Chaplin, Jan Elwell, Mike Grubba, Janine Haines, Karen Jordan, Tim Rosiek (Chairman), Steve Strausbaugh, and Doug Wetzel.

Looking for Assistance?

Learn more about the types of assistance we offer for members and regular attenders of Trinity.