Ponderings for September 7 2017

Greetings, Trinity peeps. (How’s that for an endearing address?) Is your week going alright? We certainly have one eye on and are praying for our friends in Florida who are in Irma’s path (and still for those in Texas and the fires out west). 

I just had an encouraging morning with a group of men who meet weekly and wrestle with the Scriptures and life issues over breakfast. Today we bantered over the difficulty of finding joy (and God’s hand) in the midst of our trials. 

I hope you have a small group where you can talk about life and Christ and all the issues therein. Remember the old Cheers TV show about a neighborhood bar where real life was always on tap? We all need a place “where everybody knows your name.” I hope you have found that place at Trinity. It is vital and we offer many options. Some beginning this Sunday morning. 

One option in particular is starting this Sunday in the library at 10:45am. It is entitled Love and Respect and will go through the materials from the Love and Respect book and marriage conference series. In addition to the material, this will be a time for married couples to connect with others on Sunday as well as times outside of Trinity. Whether you are recently married or a seasoned veteran, there is a place for you in this group—for you to learn and grow, for you to contribute to the others’ marriages, and for you to know and be known by others. After all, the importance of being in a group (just like being in a marriage) is not just about what we get from it, but what we contribute to it.

Give it a try. Your marriage will be glad you did. 

Well, I’m off to Virginia for a couple of days to discuss all things related to our India ministry and Dalit Freedom Network. I’ll pray for you and you pray for me. 

I’ll see you Sunday where we celebrate Christ and look to deepen our relationships and find a place where our names (and lives) are truly known. 

Pastor Paul


Ponderings for August 31 2017

Hello, Trinity. 

We’ve all been watching the heartbreaking stories of southeast Texas and Houston, and we want to know how to help and bring relief to our friends down there. That is why Trinity is giving $4,000 to the relief effort via our SBC partner, North American Mission Board (NAMB). NAMB does a wonderful job responding to disasters in our country. And this is no exception—they were one of the first on the ground, bringing relief in many forms. Thanks to the many generous givers in our own fellowship, we’re able to help others like the victims of Harvey. Many have asked, and if you would like to give to this relief effort, you can designate a gift through Trinity or go directly to NAMB’s Disaster Relief website: https://missionaries.namb.net/projects/full/hurricane-harvey-response

Stay tuned as we will be looking to send workers to join NAMB’s army of helpers in Texas in the days ahead. 

It’s a privilege serving the Lord with you. 
Pastor Paul


Ponderings for August 25 2017

“Religion.” It’s a funny word. A misunderstood word. One filled with baggage and innuendo.

These days “religion” is taking a lot of hits. The terrorist attack in Barcelona… religious extremists. The white supremacists in Charlottesville carrying signs with Bible passages on them and claiming some distorted form of Christianity as their creed.

If you think about it, the 21st  century has not been very kind to religion.  Beginning with Muslim fanatics who created the infamous day now known as 9/11; to Roman Catholic priests who were caught in an international child abuse scandal; to Evangelicals who far too often find themselves on the wrong side a moral dilemma or social issue.

What if we could start over?

What if we could remove the stigma of traditional religion with its bigoted dogma and self-serving actions?

What if we could we move away from the misunderstandings and pride and arrogance and violence that have so defined religion today?

What if we could return to the essence of faith—
To a pursuit of truth, a quest for meaning. A desire for dialogue.

What if the pursuit evolved into actions that effected our community and the world for good?

What if that quest brought about, instead of pride and power, a spirit of humility and love for the other?

And what if that truth were not found in a doctrine but in a person?


That is my vision for Trinity. That we be such a church. That we love our neighbor and our community in clear and tangible and truth-inspiring ways.

See you Sunday,
Pastor Paul


Ponderings for August 24 2017

Hello Trinity.  This will be the first of two Ponderings this week.

This one will be a bit “official” and informative inviting you to come to the church’s Annual Members Meeting this Sunday evening at 5pm-6pm.

We will be celebrating much of what the Lord has done among us this past year as we remind ourselves of many of the highlights of the recent past. We will also be looking ahead at the coming year with our plans and hopes for Trinity in 2017-18 and beyond.

You will hear about our present financial state and members will vote on next year’s budget. Some exciting news about the present state of our acreage will be presented as well.

Part of the Annual Members Meeting is the ratifying of new leaders and board members. This year, we will be ratifying two new Trustees. We will also be saying thank you to a Trustee, an Elder and two Deacons who have served us very faithfully. We will be introduced to two new Deacons as well.

The two Trustees that will be coming on board both served on the board as “Adjunct Trustees” this past year. They are Tom Adamo and Bob Boyd. The Trustees are recommending both men with full confidence and enthusiasm.

I want you to know a little bit about both of them.

Tom Adamo was raised in a strong Catholic family. He told me, “As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate the upbringing and Christian values my parents instilled by their examples as godly parents, and the parochial education that I received.”
In his early 20’s, Tom accepted Jesus as his Savior while attending a non-denominational worship service. Several years later, he began attending a Baptist church, where he was baptized as an act of obedience and public profession of his faith.

Tom has much experience in the financial world as both a CPA and a CFO. In the past, he has served as treasurer of Willo-Hill Baptist Church and as a Trustee of Cornerstone Christian Academy.

Tom and his wife Marian have been married for 33 years. They have 3 adult children and one grandchild.


Bob Boyd is often one of the first people you meet when you come to Trinity. He and his wife of 57 years, Bonnie, have been serving as greeters with our Front Door Ministry.

Bob has an extensive banking background in various capacities, most recently as Vice President of Commercial Banking of the First National Bank in Mentor.

Since 1991 Bob has served with the Rotary Club (Mentor) serving both as its director and on its foundation board.

For many years Bob has exercised his faith in Christ through faithful participation in his local churches both as an organist (for 25 years!) and as a Trustee Board member.


I hope over time you will get to know both of these fine Christian men who are willing and capable to serve Trinity in a Trustee capacity.

Thanks for reading this and your participation in the body-life of Trinity. We’ll see you Sunday morning and evening.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Paul


Ponderings for August 18 2017


I can’t believe it’s Friday already!

What a full week. What a crazy week.

Between the aftermath from Charlottesville with so much hatred and violence, to the terror-truck attack in Barcelona; what a mess these days. Feeling pretty discouraged about our world right now. Last night my mother said, “let’s not watch the news tonight.” I totally get it.

Come Lord Jesus. (And yet I also know despite my frustration, Jesus has come in the body of his Church. We are to be salve and hope of the world in these days.)

Let’s switch to something uplifting. Our text for this Sunday as we continue our series in the Ten Commandments (Loving By The Rules) is “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Wow, words from the Lord about not lying that’s timely, if not immediately uplifting.

I think we will find Sunday very relevant and even uplifting. Clearly, we are told not to lie. And we will look at some common ways we play fast and loose with the truth. And we will also see how, as we follow the One who claimed to be the Truth, we are to speak what is true and on behalf of truth. A timeless and timely privilege.

A “community of truth people” are we. That’s where the message will head.

So, see you Sunday. Or tomorrow morning if you are going to the men’s breakfast.

In these days, may our words and actions reflect Jesus’ heart of peace and truth and reconciliation.

Pastor Paul